Sunday Services: 10:30 am

Be a Church Volunteer With Us!


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Sunday Services at The Covenant Church

Our Sunday Service takes a team of willing and available people. As a member, you will find a way that suits your interest to volunteer to help our service exceed expectations. Serving the church also plays an important role in maintaining our place of worship and mentoring members of all ages.

Those with Congregational Prayer or participate in Scripture Reading. We have a Special Music and Worship Team to lead our energizing music. Or, join our Slide and Sound Technicians.

Meet and greet through Ushering and taking collections. Enjoy the opportunity to shake hands and greet many of our church attendants. You can also serve as a Sunday Morning Coffee Attendant and be hands-on with the bustle of pre-and post-Sunday Service.

If you are a natural caretaker, we have Covenant Care Team Leaders who each have a group of people that they oversee, watching for needs and concerns.  These leaders make hospital visits, send a card of encouragement or take them out for coffee and a chat.  Each person in the church has a care team leader, someone they can reach out to for care and who is watching out for them.

If you enjoy teaching and guiding your fellow members you can join the Family Ministry Leaders. Family Ministry Leaders are our Sunday School, Wee Worship, and Youth Group teachers/leaders. They lead the classes that we have on Sundays.

For additional information and sign up please call office.