Sunday Services: 10:30 am

Summer Youth Group Activities

6th-12th grade students attending Summer Youth Group at The Covenant Church

Meeting every Wednesday at 7pm (during Summer)

Youth group is available to 6th-12th grade students for a variety of activities in a friendly and fun environment. This summer we have tons of fun trips and outings planned. Teens gather for games, Christian messages and connection. We provide a safe environment, where teens are free to dream. They can feel accepted and valued, love and be loved by God and others.

At our Youth Group, we gather to explore teen life from a Christian perspective:

  • Who are we living life for?
  • What can we do to become better people? When …….?
  • Where do we need to see more Jesus?
  • Why do we need Jesus in our lives?
  • How do we respond to the world and cultures around us?

When we hang out together, you can expect fun activities, meeting some new people, learning about God, talking through topics, new games every week, and general good times.

For additional information, please contact the church office.