Estate Planning and Legacy Gifts

A gift to the Covenant Endowment Trust…it just keeps on giving. One reason to establish a Covenant Endowment Trust account is the assurance that your gift will be held in perpetuity (or for a designated period of years) and will be administered according to the wishes of the donor.

Individuals, couples, or families may establish their own Endowment Account and designate the use of the quarterly distribution. An Endowment Account ensures that the people in whose name(s) it was established will be remembered as people who made a difference.

The Covenant Endowment Trust can accept gifts of cash and/or marketable securities (possible tax avoidance).

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Endowment Accounts may be established either during a person’s lifetime, or at death by naming an Endowment Account as a beneficiary. For a gift at death, a new or existing Endowment Account may be named as the beneficiary of a will, trust, life insurance policy, IRA, pension plan, profit/sharing plan, 401(k) plan, or another qualified plan or single-premium annuity. The Endowment Account may be established now and increased with additional funding in the future.

Donors like the Covenant Endowment Trust because:

  • It provides regular income to their chosen ministry long beyond their lifetime
  • They know the funds will be wisely invested
  • Each payout to the ministry carries the specific designation made by the donor, so changes in ministry leadership and the passing of time don’t matter
  • It is an irrevocable gift that can provide a tax deduction for them or their estate
  • Ministries can also use the Covenant Endowment Trust for funds already on hand