Week of Prayer

For many years, we have had a tradition of beginning the year with a series of what have been called “Cottage Prayer Meetings”.  Simply, these were prayer meetings held in the homes of various people to pray for the needs of our church, community and world.  We will be continuing that same tradition as we enter into the year 2009 with a few variations.

The week of prayer will begin with the message on Sunday morning, January 4th as we look at Acts 4:23-31 and the prayers of the early church.   On that morning, prayer guides for the week will be distributed.  These prayer guides will help us to pray with one accord throughout the week.   If you will not be able to attend, you can download a copy of the prayer guide (in PDF format) here:  Prayer Week 2009.  While praying throughout the week, one of the questions we will be asking is what is God saying to us about this coming year?

The first prayer event will be on Sunday night, January 4th at 6 p.m. as we have a concert of prayer: a time of singing, scripture and prayer.  Following that, we will have prayer meetings each night throughout the week at various homes to gather and offer our prayers to God together:  If you are unable to attend, please use the prayer guide so that you can be praying along with everyone else.

  • Monday night at Jim and Ruth Gundry’s (4144 Long Point Dr)
  • Tuesday night at Jock and Jan Tulk’s (10720 S Moonlight Bay Rd)
  • Wednesday night at Glenn and Muriel Anderson’s (10805 Butler Rd)
  • Thursday night at Alan and Becky Granger’s (12895 Airport Rd)
  • Friday night at Marty & Cara Enos’ (2841 Orchard Beach Rd)

On Saturday we are encouraging everyone to spend 30 minutes of just listening to God and asking what he is saying to us as individuals and as a church (the prayer guide has some questions).  You can sign up to spend 30 minutes at the church or may do this at home.

On Sunday, January 11th, we will be offering time for people to answer the question – “What do you hear God saying?”

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