Prayer Weaving 2010

Prayer Weaving 2010

This is the second prayer weaving we have done, the previous one being in 2007.  The focus for this prayer weaving was on salvation of individuals.

Below is the text of the insert that we used, followed by photos.

We are creating a Prayer Weaving again which can be found on the loom in the entryway.  Everyone in the congregation is invited to help create this simple yet powerful visual. Each strip will feature the names of people we are each praying for to come to Christ.  Please write out the whole prayer on a strip, or just the names.

Everyone is invited at any time to write the words of their prayers on the strips of cloth (cut to length and provided near the loom) with the markers provided.  Your strips should then be woven into the finished Weaving-without regard for legibility or readability.  (If you don’t wish to do the  actual weaving of your prayer strips, your finished strips may be draped over the loom and someone else will weave it in for you.)

Our Prayer Weaving will be a beautiful expression of our often tangled and plain-spoken prayers, and it will perfectly symbolize the connected but individual thoughts and feelings of believers talking with their God.

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