Prayer Weaving 2007

This banner was created in conjunction with a sermon series that we did in 2007 on prayer.

Below is an explanation, followed by photos of the finished weaving.

In the coming weeks leading up to Christmas, the sermon series will focus on petitionary prayer: when we ask God for things.  We will be growing together as we examine what Jesus, Paul and others have to say to us about knocking on heaven’s door and in particular the challenges we face when God is on mute.  As part of our study and experience with this topic, everyone in the  congregation is invited to help create a simple yet      powerful visual to go along with  the sermon series.  We will be creating a Prayer Weaving, which can be found on the loom next to the musicians corner.

Everyone is invited at any time to write the words of their prayers on the strips of cloth (cut to length and provided near the loom) with the markers provided.  Your strips should then be woven into the finished Weaving—without regard for legibility or readability.  (If you don’t wish to do the actual weaving of your prayer strips, your finished strips may be draped over the loom and someone else will weave it in for you.)

Our Prayer Weaving will be a beautiful expression of our often tangled and plain-spoken prayers, and it will perfectly symbolize the connected but individual thoughts and feelings of believers talking with their God.

Once this particular Weaving is complete, we may hang it somewhere in the church building and in the future we may make other Prayer Weavings.  Like prayer itself, the process is more important than the finished product.  WE HOPE YOU WILL PARTICIPATE!

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