My Story – Marna Gillespie

Marna Gillespie shares her story of learning to trust God when walking into unknown places.

Marna shared her testimony in the form of a story.  There was no recording done, but here is a copy of the story that she read:

Flora Bunny and the Path

Flora Bunny lived in a snug little house in the village of Stonehurst.  There were bright curtains in her windows, and pretty flowers in her yard.  Many days after she’d had her breakfast, she would walk the forest path that led to her church and help with things that needed to be done there.  She liked to serve her Heavenly Father this way and it made her very happy.  Flora and her Father would talk as they were walking along, something Flora enjoyed doing very much.  Her Heavenly Father was so strong and wise and kind and He always listened so carefully and had such interesting things to say.

One day as they were walking down the path, her Father pointed out some old dead branches lying in a heap on the forest floor.  “Do you see those branches, Flora?  At one time, those were good strong branches, with many shiny, bright green leaves.  They were an important part of the tree.  But over time they wore out and died and now they’re just dead wood. ”

“Oh,” said Flora, wondering why her Father was telling her this.

He went on to explain.  “Good things aren’t always forever things.  Sometimes I only want them to last for a certain time and then I want them to end so that something new can happen.  You have to learn to leave things behind when I tell you it’s time to do so.”

Another day as they wandered down the path, her Father took out the book He had written and showed her many places where it says, “Do not fear.”  Then He put His arms around her so that she could feel how safe she was with Him.

“Oh,” thought Flora.  “I’d better practice.”  So every time something happened that made her feel scared, she went straight to her Father where fear could not follow.

Sometimes on the dark part of the path, Flora Bunny thought she could see creepy eyes looking out at her and even though she was safe with her Father, she didn’t like them and wished they would go way.  “Shoo!” she yelled, but it didn’t do any good.  Her Father said to her, “Flora, those eyes are things the enemy has sent to bother you.  I want you to ignore them and tell me why you love me.”  What Flora really wanted was for her big strong Father to chase away those nasty eyes, but she did as He asked.

“I love You because You loved me first.”  Plink!  One set of eyes disappeared.

“I love you because You are always good.”  Plink!  Another set of eyes disappeared.

“I love You because You are strong and wise and kind.”  Plink!  Plink!  Plink!  The eyes blinked out of sight.

Flora kept on praising her Father until all the eyes were gone and only the quiet good shadows were left.  Then He said to her, “See how this works Flora?  When you praise me, the creepies run away.  They can’t stand to listen to your praises of me.”

“That’s a useful thing to know,” thought Flora.

Flora Bunny learned many things during her walks, and she had a feeling that there was a reason they were being taught to her.  On one bright morning, her Father showed her a new path.  This path traveled through a field, over a stream and wound up a long hill but Flora could not see where it went after that.  Her Father handed her a bag, a walking stick, a good warm cloak and new sturdy shoes.

“You’ve been learning many things.  Remember when we talked about the dead wood, and how you learned how to fight off fear by staying close to me and praising me?  Now it’s time to take a journey to see where this new path leads.”

Flora put on the cloak and the new shoes, and slung the bag over her shoulder.  She gripped the walking stick and looked at the path.   She wished she could see where it went.  For a minute she looked back at the village and thought about all that she would leave behind, and she looked down the path and thought about now knowing where it might take her.   But then she turned her eyes to her Heavenly Father and saw that He also had a cloak and bag, new shoes and a walking stick.  “You didn’t think I would send you off by yourself, did you?  I will be right by your side every step of the way.  I still have many things to teach you.”  And Flora laughed as she took the first step onto the new path.

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