As a church we are seeking to be a healthy, missional church.
healthy = pursuing Christ
missional = pursuing Christ’s priorities in the world

To help us, we entered into a “Vitality” process in March of 2013.  This page describes some of that process and provides resources to help you learn more about this journey.

After the Servant Leadership Team decided for the church to enter into the process, they recruited a team to help in the process.


The next step was to host a “Veritas” event on March 23, 2013.  Veritas (from the Latin for “truth”) was a gathering of people from the church to help us develop a common language about healthy missional churches and vitality and also begin to develop a truthful picture about the church.  Over the course of 5 hours, 34 people learned and talked about where they see our church now and their dreams.  You can download a summary of that discussion here: Veritas Summary (PDF).



Since then, the Vitality Team has been meeting and focusing on their appointed tasks.  Below are some summary updates on their work progress from Keith Cheli, the leader of the Vitality Team:

Vitality Team Update – August, 2013 (PDF)

Vitality Team Update – July, 2013  (PDF)

Vitality Team Update – June, 2013  (PDF)

Vitality Team Update – May, 2013  (PDF)

Vitality Team Update – April, 2013  (PDF)


The Vitality Team completed their full report in September.  If you wish to read the full report, please contact us. It is an extremely large file.





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