Life can be so busy.  We have places to go, errands to run, work to do, noses to wipe, mouths to feed.  It’s hard to experience faith in the midst of hectic schedules.  Especially if our faith is limited to the 1 or 2 hours we spend at church each Sunday and maybe Wednesday nights.  At the Covenant Church we want our faith to be more than the 1 or 2 hours we spend at church each week.  We believe that faith can and should be integrated into all 168 hours of a week.

Faith168 is a ministry that will help us live out our faith in our whole lives.  Faith168 is a way of seeing our lives differently, not segmenting God into a specific section of life, but allowing Him to speak to us in all areas of our life.  Faith168 is for everyone.  Whether you are 0 or 105, single or married, working or retired, new parents or empty nesters, grandparents or newlyweds there is are ways that you can integrate faith into your whole life and help others to do the same.

More and more studies suggest that faith is best grown when it is taken seriously by both the church and the home.  As followers of Christ we want to live out our faith all 168 hours of the week and helps other do the same.  Our hope is that Faith168 provides us an intergenerational space and way of thinking that helps us follow Jesus every hour of every day.

You can read about some of our special Faith168 events by clicking here.

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