Faith168: Family Mission Statement

A businesses’ mission statement gives direction and communicates who the business is and what they want to do.  In the same way, we as Christians can make mission statements for our lives and our families.  A Family Mission Statement reminds us and tells others what we are about as a family.  It helps us think through how we want to grow in faith and how we want to follow God as a family.  A Family Mission Statement helps organize and direct us towards God and each other.   So how do you make a Family Mission Statement?

First you start with your values, then set goals out of these values, then choose a verse (or verses) of Scripture that help define and guide the faith of you and your family.

Values: What are you about as a family?  What are your shared passions and concerns?  These are your values.  Some examples of values would be: honesty, justice, fun, prayer, kindness, humility, etc.

Goals: Goals are will you, as a family, do or want to do as you live these values out together?  Goals should stretch us, challenge us, but also be attainable.  We want reaching for our goals to grow us as a family, but if they are too difficult to achieve it will not bring growth, it will bring disappointment.

Scripture: As a family, picking a bible verse(s) helps to guide you and give you a point of reference for your goals and who you are as a family.  For help finding a verse that matches your values and goals please talk with Pastor Carl and/or Pastor Austin.

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