SMS/Text Updates

Want to  receive updates on your mobile phone via SMS (text)?

  • You will receive no more than 2 updates weekly (remember standard rates apply)
  • You will also receive a text if Sunday worship services are canceled.

There are two ways to do this:

1)  Text the following (without quotes) “follow covcheboygan” to 40404

  • If  this works properly, you will receive a text message from “Twitter” that says

You’re now following @covcheboygan.  You will now see their Tweets on your phone.

2)  If you a have a Twitter account, simply follow us: @covcheboygan then be sure to turn on mobile notifications.


If you no longer wish to receive SMS updates, send “leave covcheboygan” to 40404

You will receive a confirmation from Twitter that says

Receiving tweets via text message for covcheboygan are now off.  To turn them back on send, ‘on covcheboygan’

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