City Covenant Update and Visit

Andree Stahl from our Mission Team recently visited City Covenant Church on May 22nd and met with Pastor Semmeal Thomas and the staff of City Mission

City Covenant is a church plant in the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit that we are looking to partner with for missions.

We have already begun supporting their work financially by giving 10% of all capital fund campaign donations to City Covenant though Churches Planting Churches.

Here is a brief excerpt from the report that Andree gave:

It was a great visit, and the people there are certainly dedicated, sincere and certain of God’s calling in their lives.  Upon arrival, my friend and I were greeted by Semmeal who was glad to meet us and immediately made us feel extremely comfortable in a not so comfortable area.   I still remember some of the first words he spoke to us, “There will be no judgments made of others in this church.  That is not tolerated at all.”

To learn more about the work of City Covenant and their partnership with City Mission, you can visit the City Mission website:

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