125th Anniversary

In 1887 a group of Swedish settlers banded together in what was to become Cheboygan to care for one another and share Jesus with their neighbors.  Since that time, many things have changed, but that heritage lives on in The Covenant Church.  This year we celebrate our 125th Anniversary.   To celebrate, we will be having 3 special Sundays:

June 3 – Pioneer Sunday

  • Honoring the founders of The Covenant Church
  • Pump organ concert at 10:45 am
  • String band and pump organ in worship
  • Guest preacher: Joel Lindman, descendant of first pastor
  • Swedish smorgasbord following worship

July 8 – The Church of Yesteryear

  • Honoring those who worshiped at The Covenant Church from 1923-1987
  • Pancake breakfast from 8 am – 10 am

August 5 – The Church of Today and Tomorrow

  • Sharing we are and where we hope to go
  • Potluck of favorite heritage dishes following worship
  • Guest preacher: Semmeal Thomas, City Covenant Church of Detroit


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