Here are some questions you may have about a Sunday morning experience.  If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I get there?

When should I be there?

What about my kids?

How long will I be there?

What do I wear?

What happens during worship?

What is expected of me during worship?

How should I worship?

What is the music like?


How do I get there? top

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When should I be there? top


  • Christian Formation (also known as Sunday School) – 9:45 am (all ages)
  • Worship – 11:00 am (all ages)


  • Youth Group – 6:00 pm  (6th – 12th grade)


What about my kids?   top

You are free to choose.  You are more than welcome to keep them with you the entire time, but we do have some options:

  • A staffed nursery for kids 0-3, during both Sunday School and Worship
  • During the Sunday School time, we have some fun and engaging classes for kids of all ages
  • During worship we have Wee Worship for kids 3-6 are dismissed just before the message (sermon) to participate in their own learning
  • Older teens remain with their parents during the service.
  • On Thursday nights from 6-8pm, we have a youth group for students in 6th – 12th grade.


How long will I be there?   top

Worship typically ends at 11:30am.  Sometimes we go a little longer.  Afterwards we have a casual time to hang out and enjoy some cookies and coffee.


What do I wear?   top

Come dressed however you feel comfortable – God will be here no matter what.

Come as casual or dressed up as you care, from blue jeans and flip flops to a dress or coat and tie.  You will see people wearing a wide range of attire.  And if you want to wear your State sweatshirt or U of M, both are welcome.

We only ask that you be appropriately modest.


What happens during “worship”?  top

There are many things that you will see every Sunday – worship through music, worship through giving, prayer, reading of the Bible and a teaching based on the Bible.  We also practice communion or The Lord’s Supper twice monthly.  There might also be times of people sharing what God is doing in their life.


What is expected of me during worship?   top
We want you to experience God’s presence while you are here.  During our time together we want you to remember a couple of things:

First, we believe that you came our way because of God and it was not an accident.  We have prayed that that God would bring you our way, even if we didn’t know you before.

Second, part of our service is when people give their offerings, as a way of practicing and living out their faith.  It is not “required” of anyone to give.

How should I worship?   top

Worship is more about attitude and what is going on in our hearts than what we do with our bodies.  That being said, we want to encourage you to worship as you feel comfortable and led by God’s Spirit.  That may mean raising your hands, kneeling, clapping, or even dancing.  What God is seeking and we encourage is for your worship to be genuine.


What is the music like?    top

Describing music is always difficult because we all have different ideas of what words mean.  So, while some may describe our music as “contemporary” others might say it’s not.  So, rather than try and label it, here is a little bit about our music:

  • We typically have a full band with keyboards, drums, guitar and vocalists but sometimes it’s a little more low-key.
  • We seek to draw on  the richness of Christian heritage and tradition so we sing not only the latest music but also older hymns and songs.
  • You will also hear occasionally from our choir as well as individuals performing solos as a musical offering.

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